What is Onion.ws?

Onion.ws is a web proxy for accessing Tor Hidden Services with regular, non-Tor enabled browsers such as chrome, safari, firefox, etc.

What is a Hidden Service?

Tor normally protects users privacy by hiding their IP address behind the Tor network. Hidden services provide the same functionality for web sites by hiding their IP behind the Tor network to protect the web site owners identity.

Am I anonymous using Onion.ws?

Onion.ws does its best to protect users identities by using SSL encryption and not logging user requests, however, we cannot guarantee users anonymity as well as using the Tor Browser directly.

How do I report it illegal content?

Onion.ws is only a proxy and does not host any content, as such we are not responsible for the content you may find on the Tor darknet. However, if you believe you've found something illegal, we can block access to it via our proxy. Please contact abuse@onion.ws